Satsang Center's in and around PUNE

It is Babaji's desire that we must all collectively do swadhyay, durga saptasati and satsang to globally generate lots and lots of positive energy so that the year 2012 becomes a year of ascension for mankind and Peace, Harmony and Unconditional Love prevails.

In an endeavor to guide people on how to do collective satsang, The Foundation under the guidance of Babaji has layed out guidelines for the satsang centers. The Foundation has authorise those satsang centres which will be following the guidelines with full sincerity.

One such authorised satsang center is located in Pune at the following location:

NAME: Old Kalmadi High School
ADDRESS: 4th floor, Opposite Paranjape Scheme Office, Off Prabhat Road
Pune - 411004
DAYS OF SATSANG:   Every Saturday
SATSANG TIMINGS:   3:45 pm - 5:30 pm
CONTACT DETAILS:   09975033000
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This is an authorised satsang center.

If you want to start Satsang Center or if you are already doing satsang and you want to receive regular guidelines from Babaji and updates from the Ashram then get your satsang center recognised by visiting